MGN offers a wide range of products for the storage of raw materials and finished feed.

Products related to storage:

Intake pits

Intake pits are used for truck discharge. They are usually built under ground to facilitate the unloading of raw materials. Features of the intake pits: Built in sheet metal, including chassis in the structural tube and reinforcements according to the pit dimensions....


  Galvanised sheet metal silos are nowadays the best alternative for grain storage thanks to their versatility, easy assembly, hygienic handling and low storage cost. We design our silos based on your needs, with the latest technological resources and using the best...


The cells (or square silos) allow storage of 25% more product on the same surface area. They are recommended in feed mills and flour mills, since they are easy to assemble and have a system of eliminating dust that facilitates keeping them clean. The modular system of...


The dosing units equipped with BIG-BAG are made up of: General support chassis. Bag emptying hopper with dustproof opening. Hanging mobile container. Rotary coupling to screw conveyor.


The dosing of materials is done through hoppers, whose capacity depends on the volume of the dose. MGN manufactures hoppers of different sizes depending on the needs of the installation. Features of the hoppers: Hoppers can be square or round, depending on the needs....

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