MGN offers a wide range of machinery for the transport and distribution of materials throughout the entire feed manufacturing process.

Chain conveyors

MGN offers a wide range of chain conveyors for the reception and distribution of raw materials. Main features of chain conveyors: The MGN industrial grain conveyor is engineered to withstand the most demanding environments during grain handling operations. The solid...

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Helical conveyors

Features of the Helical conveyors: A "U" section channel built in 3mm steel sheet. It is enclosed with a screwed, water tight 2 mm cover. The screw is a tubular shaft on which is mounted a propeller of thick enough for the type of product to be handled. Driven by a...

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Paddle conveyors

Features of the Paddle conveyors: A U-section channel built in 3 mm sheet metal, in sections of two and three meters, bolted and flanged for compact connection with 60x10 mm plate. Steel chains on guides are formed by longitudinal sheet, depth and width according to...

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Screw conveyors

Features of the Screw conveyors: Tube of circular section built in 2 mm. steel sheet. Thread constructed by a tubular shaft on which the 5 mm thick propeller is mounted to the outside. Driven by a gear motor, SIEMENS/FLENDER or NORD. Indication for dosages of small...

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Features of the Distributors: Distributors have an inclination of 45-60º, built in 3 mm steel sheet. The upper part is built in 4 mm steel sheet and there is a cone in the lower distributor. The internal rotary duct is built in 6 mm. steel sheet. Powered by a 0.25 hp....

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Bucket elevators

Features of the bucket elevators: The top is built in steel sheet. It is removable to facilitate repair in case of breakdown. Traction pulley for a better drag of the buckets belt. It is made of two layers of fabric with P.V.C. coating on both sides. Buckets are made...

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Flow diverters

Features of the flow deverters Tube of circular section built in 2 mm. Driven by a SIEMENS/FLENDER gear-motor

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Belt conveyors

Our belt conveyors stand out for the best relation between tn/h of transporting and power. They are also as well ideal for the handling and conveying of delicate products. And they generate a minimum level of noise during the operation. Capacity. The level of...

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Discharge gates

Features of the Discharge gates: 3 mm steel plate frame, folded forming "U" profiles adaptable to any unload weights. The 4 mm chopper slides on round head screws. Drives: Manual sprockets and chain. Pneumatic with UNIVER cylinders. Upper and lower cover for better...

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