The video shows the complete process from the personalised budget according to the client’s needs, through calculations of structure and machinery, plans for the development of a feed mill to the delivery of the complete feed mill to the client.

At MGN we have been designing feed mills for 35 years, a long and complex process that we wanted to share in images.

The process begins with the manufacture of the machinery and the assembly of the feed mill according to the client’s needs. This process encompasses the management of the entire project from its initial plan, the design and assembly of electrical panels, material storage, manufacturing (welding, cutting…), assembly and painting of the machinery until the completion of the finished product.

The next phase includes the shipment of the finished product to the work site, where the installation of the foundations, the assembly of the mill, cells and enclosure, etc. is carried out, to the feed mill’s completion.

The last phase consists in the manufacture of the feed, in which there are a combination of processes such as truck weighing, sampling, verification of product quality, unloading and storage of raw materials and correctors, granulation, bulk or bagging of the finished product, control room and palletization.

Although we do not intervene in the manufacture of the feed, we do provide all the necessary machinery and control systems and offer training to our clients so that they know how to use the machinery for the production of the best quality feed.

The video aims to reflect, in just a few minutes, all these processes. We hope you like it!

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